Te Kowhai Pod 2016 - Y0 - Y4

Teaching staff: Whaea Jeannie Apthorp - Senior Leader, Whaea Lisa Boyce & Whaea Joan Knap

This year we are continuing to adapt our learning spaces and the way our teachers work. We want to be more flexible in the way we action our curriculum so we can really engage every child in their learning and support them to take ownership of it. 

As a school we already cater for the diverse needs of our students by offering mainstream, bilingual and total immersion learning zones. Now we are digging deeper and driving to personalise the curriculum in a way that connects each child to their learning journey through their talents, skills and capabilities. We are not restricted by traditional style classrooms or traditional teaching practices that are no longer relevant in the world our children will grow up in.

In Te Kowhai Syndicate we are committed to delivering small class sizes in years 0 - 2.  For our Year 3 & 4 students, we then drive to consolidate early learning and build our students' fluency in reading, writing and mathematics. 

Growing our partnership with whanau/families

In new entrants we sit down with parents to discuss progress and give you the techniques to help your children on their learning journey. Caregivers of all Te Kowhai syndicate students are invited to maths workshops to demonstrate games to upskill your child’s numeracy. The Reading Together workshops are also run by Jeannie Apthorp to show parents how best to help their child’s literacy progress.

We encourage and expect all parents to actively be part of the decision making in the Te Kowhai Syndicate by joining committees and attending hui that aid in the overall wellbeing/hauora of the learning and achievement of our students.

Our tamariki are also well-served with a dedicated play area including a sandpit and playhouse, along with more challenging playground equipment.

Our syndicate also has an additional fruit break at 10am.