Curricululm is EVERYTHING we do around here...

Our philosophy continues to be one that embraces our local, national and global community. Everything we do as a learning community is about growing successful learners with the skills to be adaptable, effective communicators, self directed, collaborative and connected to who they are and where they come from. 

As a community we are all learners, so this vision embraces everyone who is on the journey with us.

Our tūmuaki/principal, our kaiako/teachers our kaiawhina/support staff all embrace the concept of life-long learning and we share a curiousity about the world, about education and about knowing our students and the gifts they bring with them we they join us at Hoterini ki te Tonga - Thames South School.

As a partnership with whanau/families we aspire to grow this philosophy with our learners whanau, hapu and iwi. It is our expectation that we will continue to take this partnership role seriously and work collaboratively with our students families to know them better and engage them more proactively in our school learning and teaching programmes.

Growing mighty trees takes tender care, regular maintenance, good soil, lots of sunlight and water - our whakatauaki shows us the way, Kia tupu ai enei kakano, hei rakau nui - May these tender seedlings grow into might trees.

Snippets from the Education Review office

Thames South School whakataukii " Kia tipu ai enei kakano, hei rakau nui" provides a shared sense of purpose to the school-wide community. Students are offered a number of educational pathways which include te reo Maaori/English dual medium - Te Kowhai and Ngaa Kaahui Whetu, Maaori total immersion - Te Kawenga, Adventure learning and English medium.
A significant majority of students are achieving at or above the national standards in reading, writing and mathematics.