Connecting to our curriculum

This year we are continuing to adapt our learning spaces and the way we design our learning programmes. We aim for flexibility , integrating our curriculum, engaging every child, growing self management and independence. We are digging deeper and driving to personalise programmes. Each child has their own learning journey. Through their talents, skills and capabilities they can connect to the world and experiences awaiting them. We are committed to delivering small foundation classes. We drive to consolidate early learning and build our students' fluency in reading, writing and mathematics.

Growing our partnership with whaanau/families

We prioritise the opportunity to sit and talk about progress. We create opportunities for you to expand on techniques to help your children on their learning journey. We invite you to Maths and reading workshops. We encourage you to actively be part of the decision making in the Junior Explorers Syndicate by joining committees and attending hui that aid in the overall wellbeing/hauora of the learning and achievement of our students.