Adventure Zone

Learning is not limited to the classroom with experiential-based learning bringing the ‘adventure to our zone’.


Real Life Contexts

Digital Technology

Challenges & Risk Taking

In the Adventure Zone we endeavor to provide our students with opportunities to explore real-world issues through authentic learning experiences within a collaborative learning environment.

Learning Environment

The learning environment is one that promotes risk-taking, growth mindset and an attitude of gratitude whilst catering to the individual, their passions and interests.


Through adventure learning, students become social upstanders who understand that responsibility brings success. Our give back kaupapa see students working within and alongside their community for collaborative progress.

Our Team

The teaching team walk the talk, participating alongside the kids with activities such as the Jacobs Ladder challenge. They work to find and create events that challenge them and take them out of their comfort zones.

Ngaa Kaiako

Whaea Janna

Adventure 2 Kaiako (Years 3-5)

AZ Team Leader

Whaea Carolina

Adventure 1 Kaiako (Years 6-8)

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