Together in Purpose

Navigating our Curriculum Design - Our Marau a Kura

Curriculum is everything we do around here...

This curriculum design and review process clarifies our strategic priorities for learning, the ways in which those priorities will be addressed, how our learner progress and achievement will be confirmed and what quality teaching and learning programmes will be necessary to achieve this. New Zealand schools have the scope, flexibility, and authority they need to design and shape their curriculum so that teaching and learning is meaningful and beneficial for their particular communities of students (NZC, p 37).

Curriculum design and review is a continuous, cyclic, and responsive process that involves making decisions about how to give effect to the national curriculum in ways that best address the particular needs, interests, and circumstances of our school’s students and community.

Curriculum design and review is about taking ownership of the national framework and making it reflect our aspirations.

We are confident we have a school curriculum that strongly reflects our directs for the future.