How we do things

Office Administration

Operating hours are from 8.30am – 4pm. The day to day running of the school is varied and sometimes complex. The school aims to provide consistency of practice as a way of ensuring stability and clarity for all members of our school community. Whaea Diane Carey is our "go to" coordinator at the front desk. Classes start at 9.00am and finish at 3.00pm each day. Breaks are at 10.50am and 1.10pm for lunch. Staff are usually onsite from 7.45am, and students are welcome from 8.15am. Road wardens will be monitoring the crossing from 8.20 each morning.

Money Collection - All monies should be presented at the school office to be recorded and receipted towards the correct code. The school has a portable EFT-POS machine for payments to the school account.

Stationery - pre-made packs are organised through Warehouse Stationery at the beginning of each year.

Attendance - Every morning and afternoon complete the electronic roll on Assembly and send to office by 9.15am and 2.15pm. Please inform the school as soon as possible that your child will be absent. ( Phone call, text or email) Unexplained absences are followed up by the office staff and the Truancy Service.

Connecting with staff- teachers can usually be seen before school starts, most mornings. If this is not possible, they will make a time to meet at a later date. Whaea Kim, our principal or Whaea Jeannie, our Deputy Principal are also readily available to meet with whānau. To be sure you can be seen, it does pay to make a time by calling the office in advance.

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