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Growing our membership at Governance Level

Kotahi te hoe, ka ū te waka ki uta - Paddling in unison the waka will reach land.

Our school will be a vibrant and diverse safe place of learning, where ALL will strive co-operatively for excellence.

2022 Elections - Have you considered becoming part of our School Governance Team?

Our current team is Barbara Hetaraka (Principal), Michael Barlow (Chairperson), Wati Ngamane, Alex McGowan, Karamia Turoa, Velma Kopa and Janna Brewster.

Board Responsibility

The board of trustees is a crown entity and is responsible for the governance of this school. The key focus of their role is the improvement of student progress and achievement.

At Thames South School, the board of trustees is responsible for the following board-level overarching policies:

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Final 2019 Charter.Strategic Plan (1).pdf


The final charter in the latest 3 year cycle, reviewed and finalised by our outgoing Governance Team.

Empowering through language, identity and culture.


In the interest of transparency and sound financial management the school's annual accounts are now shared online.

Thames South School Complete Annual Report 2020.pdf

Thames annual report 2021.pdf